With BPAConex we combined Enterprise-Level Business Process Automation Tools and the Travice API with 130 transactions, which allows us to orchestrate individual tasks such as sending a PDF confirmation to or entire workflows such as Qualitycheck, Fare Optimization and subsequent ticketing.

Ticketing, Schedulechanges, Queue Management, PCI Credit Card Handling, Fare Optimization, PDF Confirmations/Travel Plans, PNR Mailer, Waiting List Automation and Unused E-Ticket Management are just some of the workflows that we have already automated for many of our customers and have been able to relieve hundreds of agents of recurring tasks in recent years.

The processes are individually planned with you on the basis of Visio diagrams and defined until they are ready for implementation.

Each customer receives their individual process, for which the customer can easily order extensions or changes at a later time.

This is based on Software as a Service (SaaS).

Our developers work closely with each customer to create the process and put it into operation.

Here you will find further information in an online presentation.