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  • CacheConex is our product for creating, formatting and distributing offline data, which our customers use to package flights with land services.
  • In addition to the open data formats OTDS, INFX and CSV, special formats are possible on customer request.
    The data produced in this way is fed into the usual tourist sales channels several times a day.
  • Permanent monitoring of our data in live applications, together with the excellent quality of our sources, ensures consistently high price accuracy.
  • Our distribution can be customized. We provide the exact data for each customer in the format that was requested.

Data sources

We generate our extensive data packages from three different data sources.

IBE selection The standard form of data collection by storing the responses from reservation systems in IBE booking processes
Direct import Daily import of high quality data packets, which are provided to us directly by various airlines and reservation systems
In-house production Customer-specific collection of flight data through individually set up queries in a wide variety of distribution channels.