PNR Fare Optimization

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These applications are used at central points in many of our products to optimize tariffs.

Air Margin Manager

The Margin Manager handles all types of price calculation in the SoftConEx modules e.g.

Ticket Fees (consolidator, agency)
Net Remit Ticketing
Airline Commissions
Merchant Fees
Cancellation Fees

The margin manager can be described as an umbrella covering calculations based on different data sources

  • The standard margin manager (“Air Margin Manager”) is available in all products to all customers.
  • Spezialized margin managers can be implemented/provided upon customer request, e.g. to read ticket fees from other applications.

Corporate Conso Rules

  • Corporate Conso rules are created to control booking queries. Any number of rules can be created.
  • These rules define when and in which GDS to search for which tariffs of which airlines.
  • A route restriction should be used to optimize the messages sent to the GDS (reduce scan costs).

Simple Fare Post Process Rules

The tariff postprocessing process is one way to change a tariff for proper display and / or processing.

Common examples are:

  • Remove a tariff from the tariff display.
  • Define which additional text information should be displayed for a specific tariff
  • Mark a “regular” R, U tariff as a tour operator tariff for certain tariff bases / airlines
  • Determine which SSR / OSI / SK element should be added for certain GDS tariffs at the time of booking