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  • EasyConex closes a large gap that the diversified aviation market has created. Using various booking channels has become standard in online and offline travel sales.
  • With EasyConex, we offer the tool that combines all these bookings in one place and enables you to keep track of and process them with standardized process control.
  • With an import function you load the bookings into the system and have all flight information at a glance. Searching for names and various other criteria across the systems is just as possible as executing simple processes such as cancellation, queue placement, ticketing etc. without knowledge of the specific GDS commands. Simply by clicking on the corresponding command button.


We provide EasyConex in three different types:

Basic inhouse Ideal for customers who want to manage their flight bookings in one place and want to enable all employees to run standard processes on them.
Advanced inhouse The basic version can be expanded to include more complex workflows, making it possible to carry out customized processes at the push of a button.
Service terminal The log-in controlled by Filekey gives the end customer direct access to his booking. This enables our customers to offer a service that knows no opening hours.