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Our flight booking engine

  • can be used intuitively,
  • is just as suitable for newcomers as for professionals
  • contains a wealth of functions.


In addition to standard functions such as +/- search, multi-segment PNR, integration of all common GDS, the FaremasterNG is characterized by some special features.

Upsell function For every selected tariff, it is possible to display all alternatives with a price to facilitate a quick change to a better tariff
Filter functions Extensive filter options to narrow down the list of results according to exact parameters such as airline, alliance, flight duration, aircraft etc
Drill down filter Filters can be activated directly by clicking on parameters in the output list without having to go to the filter list.
Autofill function Display of a list of suggested IATA destinations while entering departure and destination
Search query controllable An individual set of rules that can be configured by the customer controls which query should be routed to which tariffs source
Ancillaries, Seats, OSI, SSR Additional services can be booked during the booking and after its completion and airline-related information can be entered via OSI / SSR
Ticket order and cancellation Configurable queue placement can be used to transmit the PNR to an issuing office and the cancellation function allows a PNR to be canceled – both without entering a GDS.
Document generation from availabilityGeneration and dispatch of offers from the availability overview. Customer information about booking options without multiple bookings reduces costs and prevents problems with airlines.
Editable layout Logo and design can be adjusted according to customer requirements, so that there is no visual break between the homepage and the IBE
PNR import An easy-to-use import function is available to insert externally generated PNR in the booking management


Distribution channels

Travelport (Galileo)
Travelport ( Worldspan)
Direct Connects (e.g. LHG, AF/KL, BA, IB, EW, EK)


Tariff Types

Private Fares (Stadaf) Consolidator tariffs
Tour operator tariffs
Private GDS content Corporate Nego Fares
Branded Fares
CAT 35
CAT 15
Published GDS content Nego / UniFares
IATA Fares
Airline Fares
Direct Connect Content
NDC content (e.g. LH, AF/KL, BA, DE, EK)
Cache content


Avoid costs and book in a modern way.

Airlines will love them. Mix growing NDC content into the results.

Booked directly with the airline means no GDS costs and the latest technology.


We provide the Faremaster NG in three different types:

CacheIBEApplicable in B2B or B2C, the flight offer comes from stored content, the host system is only addressed when there is a specific flight request. The tariffs are displayed faster than in any other IBE and the Look2Book rate is not at risk.
B2B IBEThe upsell function and the multiple filter options make this booking interface a popular B2B IBE, which simplifies many work steps and provides a clear overview of various tariff sources.
B2C IBEThanks to the intuitive user interface, the IBE can also be easily used by end customers who can make bookings, order tickets or cancel bookings conveniently and securely.